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These stories are spun from Nathalie’s own mind games. For instance when bored, she loves to picture the world when everyone would have a tail or she thinks about the literal meaning of certain words and what that word actually implies.

Maybe it’s because she is an only child that she found ways like this to keep herself amused. She still plays mind games like this while standing in a queue or sitting in a boring waiting room. Nathalie has transcribed her mind games into little stories to amuse you.

The poems are written in Nathalie’s own conceptual way. By placing only one word per line, she leaves room to complete the story in your own mind. When red slowly, the words in the poems find their own rhythm. In other poems Nathalie handles grown-up problems in a nursery-rhyme environment so there are several levels to read and understand. Sometimes Nathalie adds a motivation to explain.