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Nathalie paints and works with textiles

Nathalie Abbing makes 2-dimentional work in various media. Nathalie gives each subject the type of media and materials it needs.

Nathalie’s paintings refer to pointillism and impressionistic art. With small strokes of paint, she builds up the image layer by layer, creating light and shadow. Working from an idea, the material is at the service of the concept. In her art, Nathalie never shuns away from showing her own view, life and state of mind.

Textile has always been a familiar material for Nathalie. Grandma from fathers’ side was very good with needle, thread and fabrics. She made haute couture for her clients and gave classes in sewing and pattern drawing. As a little child Nathalie was often found in her grandma’s studio, playing with all she could find there. Still, it never evolved in creating clothes or even in how to work the sewing machine.

When Nathalie uses textile in her two-dimensional art, she doesn’t use needle and thread. That would make the art too feminine for her. Nathalie searched for more of a rough edge to contrast the soft fabrics. The answer was found in simple staples to give it just the masculinity she was looking for. The staples are sharp metal office utilities. Made to tightly hold things together and nothing more than that. Contradicting the softness of fabrics that comfort us in our clothes, bed and soft furnishings in our homes.


The postimpressionistic artist Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is a huge inspiration for Nathalie in more than one way. Besides they are both from the Netherlands, Nathalie recognizes a lot in the mental struggles van Gogh went through. The urge to create his own art, showing that wat one didn’t want to see. Vincent van Gogh had his own necessity and a huge perseverance. Have a look at the painting ‘the potato eaters’; ugly looking people, eating ugly potatoes in a dark and ugly room. Nobody was waiting for this, nobody found this scene attractive. But Vincent saw the beauty within all the ugliness and felt the need to show it.

  • Manface -acrylic paint on board, 44x34cm.
  • Spanish queen -acrylic paint on paper, 65x50cm.
  • Movement in Red -acrylic paint on board, 60x80cm.
  • Movement in Blue -acrylic paint on board, 60x80cm.
  • Blue metamorphoses -oil paint on canvas, 50x50cm.
  • Metamorphoses in colour -oil paint on canvas, 50x50cm.
  • Little bride in yellow -acrylic paint and bridal tule on canvas, 20x20cm.
  • Little bride in red -acrylic paint and bridal tule on canvas, 20x20cm.
  • Little bride in blue -acrylic paint and bridal tule on canvas, 20x20cm.
  • Bride in blue-acrylic paint and bridal tule on canvas, 40x40x4cm.
  • Portrait of Alan Kurdi -ink and gouache on paper, 19x25cm.
  • Grabbit –textile and staples in frame, 23x23cm.
  • On the Line – textile and staples, 100x120cm.
  • On the Line 2 – textile, staples and cushion padding, 72x156cm.

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