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Kittens of Always
A poem - by Natalie Abbing 


Little kitten Here and Now
Do you know how kittens play?
Never mind Tomorrow
Even Later is a long, long way

The Past and Future
Are Never to agree
History fights with Memory
But Faith loves Hope and Maybe

Kitten of Yesterday and When
Are you having fun?
Clinging on to History
But Today has already begun

Ever looks up to Memory
Longing for a distant Past
Never plays with Faith or Later
Even the Present doesn’t last

Little kittens Later and Then
Do you know how to enjoy?
Curling up with Hope and Wish
Dreaming of your Future toy

Jumping over Now to When
Leave behind Today
Holding on to Tomorrows Faith
That might Ever come your way

To all kittens of Always
Gather for Now and Here
Play together with Fun and Joy
Present times are near

History and Little Faith
Try to get along
Give Never a new Memory
And Nothing can’t go wrong

Then run towards the Future
With Later and Then
Wish, Hope and Longing
Go with Maybe, Ever and When

Learn Today what is important
From the Past and Yesterday
And be eager for Tomorrow
It is as good as they say

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my past. All good and bad that has happened occupied my thoughts. Wondering if my best time lies far behind me and now there is nothing more that I can do. It will never be better than it once was. This idea kept me stuck in memories, unable to enjoy the present or make plans for later.

I realised it didn’t do me any good. My history has to become friends with the here and now and with whatever is yet to come. Past, present and future are lonely and empty in their own time zone. In my mind I saw all the words like ‘when’, ‘wish’ and ‘maybe’ jump all over each other like little kittens. Too busy chasing their own tail to really take notice of the others.

The kittens of different families needed to learn to get along to make their life bloom. The past needs the present to be able to relive memories. And they need the future to share it with others so it can live on. In this poem I try to clear my mind.


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