Road kills, prey brought home by her cats, dead presents from friends or people who know about her art, digging up buried pets and even a left over from a nice meal, it’s all material for Nathalie’s art.

Once the bones from different animals are harvested and cleaned, they are carefully pieced together to create a new creature. Most of the creature is gilded with 24 carat gold leaf, still some parts remain visible.

The sculptures are all well protected in their custom-made glass cubes. In there they stand on a mirror with nibbled edges. The mirror reflects a nice soft light and provides an extra incandescent light to the sculptures.

See how Nathalie shows the dismembering of a dead stork to retrieve the bones for her creations. Learn more >

Nathalie creates characters with a strong and powerful attitude. The sculptures look self-evident like not yet discovered species, each with its own character. During the build she imagines the story behind the sculpture. How and where did it potentially live and what does it represent in this day and age? 

You can read the descriptions below, that Nathalie made for each of the characters, by clicking on the images. Of course, you can also make up your own story, the sculptures stand on their own.


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It is the mission of Nathalie Abbing to instil a deep respect and knowledge of the craft of art in its many forms. If you have any questions about her work or would like to purchase a piece, please contact us.
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