This website gives an overall view of the broad oeuvre of Nathalie Abbing. The Creature d’ Or sculptures are considered to be her most significant pieces.

As diverse as Nathalie is as a person, she can’t and won’t stick to just one line of work. She’s greedy in discovering the many paths within fine art.

Photographs, paintings, installations, jewelry, poems, stories and handy craft. All very different but still they all have Nathalie’s distinct signature. And maybe they are necessary for Nathalie in the process of creating the golden sculptures.


One might think that Nathalie’s work is kind of morbid, well this is probably true, but more so her work is about beauty and the way we see things.

Nathalie developed this fascination during her study at the Academy of Art and Design where she graduated with a series of photo’s of dead mice and birds brought home by her cats.

In the meter wide photo’s the animals, who were obviously dead, looked beautifully straight into the lens of the camera with shiny wide open eyes.

In Nathalie’s sculptural work she uses the bones of different small animals, still mainly brought to her by the cats, to create fictive creatures.

When the new creature is ´born´ she covers the bones with 24 carat gold leaf. The sculptures will stand proud, like they’re saying “Look at me, ain’t I beautiful”. And yes they are…