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Even though it was long overdue, finally Nathalie Abbing can announce the launch of her new website: After more than half a year of mailing back and forth asking for developments on the site, the previous web designer had to admit he was not capable to finish the work. There was no other option for Nathalie than to find someone else to translate her vision into a professional website. It was at the art fair of Obrigada Portugal that Nathalie met Adam Moore whom she could trust with the order of creating her a new website.

Lagos based Web designer Adam Moore spent a few weeks on creating a new website for Nathalie. Her previous site was no longer suitable. It was too difficult for her to update due to needing to know how to use specialized software and technical skills. This is a problem for many who have a website. Numerous websites on the internet are out of date and no longer accurate because of lack of knowledge, or the fact that a site can only be changed by the original builder of the site. Which means having to spend lots of money for every little change or update. This is no longer necessary. Recent developments make it much simpler to control the content of the site. Adam Moore was able to reassure Nathalie about her fear for updating the new site by herself. Using a system called WordPress, even so called Internet dummies can change almost any aspect of their website.


adamOn the 27th of October 2015 web designer Adam Moore met with Nathalie Abbing at her house and art studio in Lagoa to talk about creating a new website for the artist. Adam was pleasantly surprised to discover Nathalie had not only a clear vision about how her site should be, but also had already made all the pages in Photoshop.

‘Next to the complete content for her site Nathalie has made a detailed sitemap about how the site should function, this is something that rarely happens when I have to build a website for someone. Even though I don’t mind having to start from scratch, this is a pleasant surprise.’ Adam remarks.

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