In the photo’s of the dead animals Nathalie is searching for the impossible; making a lively connection with the dead. In the series Prey she placed them at eye level so they feel equal to us. By using little tricks such as opening the eyes, a drop of glycerine or a warm coloured light, the dead becomes more alive.

For the photo’s The Runner, Sunken, Entangled, and Pas de Deux the animals are placed in a small fish tank filled with water. Nathalie shoots the photo’s through the glass, on eye level. The water gives volume to the feathers of the birds like a soft breeze. Even though you know they are obviously dead, the connection is made.

In Entangled garden worms are placed in the fish tank. The water makes them curl up together like a knot of rope.

Nathalie photographed the series Hands especially for the installation Tribute to the wrinkle, witch you can find in the chapter Installations. The Hands photo’s are shot with a small camera so the portrayed held their natural pose.