Unconventional subject matters, different ways of painting and the combination with other materials are common in Nathalie’s paintings.

Bridal gown fabric is used for the paintings Little Brides. They have a story of their own which you can read on the Little Brides page.

In the Metamorphosis paintings natural shapes are entwined with each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

All these paintings have no distinctive top and bottom side and can be viewed any way you like, or you can rotate them so every now and then.

The paintings Movement, Man Face and Queen of Beauty are painted with little stripes of paint in various colours. This way of painting reminds of the technique used by the impressionists at the second half of the nineteenth century.

In Fly East a bird skin with feathers is used. This was a left over from when Nathalie was dismembering the dead bird to retrieve the bones which are used in her sculptures.