In this chapter a lot of nonsense, thoughts and views. Just things that appear from a creative mind. ‘Lets fuck some ants’ is a free translation from the Dutch expression ‘miereneuken’, which means ‘nitpicking’ or being extremely precise. Nathalie has always considered herself as being like that.

The doodles are little shapes Nathalie draws since she was about 8 years old. Its some kind of a habit thing one does for instance, while being on the phone. In this chapter you are bothered with a few pages of Nathalie’s doodles.

This is followed by Nathalie’s way of having fun at the beach, some of Nathalie’s home decorating solutions and an interesting view on moulded food.

This chapter ends with four lines on doodled tiles. Are they non-brainers or eye-openers?

Is it art?

That’s up to you to decide.