In the year 2000 Nathalie went to New Zealand. A country that has a strong tradition in arts and craftsmanship, especially the carvings in materials as wood, stone and bone are admired all over the world. This art form, originated by the Maori, triggered Nathalie’s interest.

The use of animal bones, mostly from cows, turned into cherished objects, fits perfectly into Nathalie’s line of work; the transformation from something one doesn’t want to see, into something one would proudly own.

Nathalie found a great tutor in the artist Norman Clark. He taught her the art of bone carving. From preparing the bones when they arrive from the abattoir, which is quite a dirty job, until the very fine final finishing of the art piece. This whole process is a signature of Nathalie’s work.

Nathalie also creates pendulums from other discarded materials, like the damaged shell. In the washing pegs Nathalie admired the mechanism and the clever shape of the wood and found they deserved a better place. A little joke from the artist.