The painted terracotta pots and bowls are part of Nathalie’s, so called, ‘happy’ range. Usually Nathalie’s work is kind of morbid, but since her move from Holland to Portugal, Nathalie felt the urge to create in a more positive, craft like, attitude too. Still it’s all about transformation.

The base materials are simple terracotta pots and bowls, second-hand, with blemishes and often discarded after years of use. First a layer of water resistant material is applied so water and dirt can’t damage the decoration. Then they undergo their transformation.

The inspiration for the decoration of the pots and bowls was found in the textiles worn by women from Mali in western Africa. From this Nathalie created her own patterns that she applies in bright colours of acrylic paint.

Before finishing off with varnish, each pot and bowl get’s the initials of Nathalie Abbing as her sign of approval. Then they are ready and deserve a proud place in someone’s home or garden.