Nathalie Abbing completed her study in 2008 at the Academic for Art and Design St. Joost in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Holland. Her graduation project consisted of photographical sessions with the aim of looking at the beauty of things which are usually not seen as beautiful. Those subjects were enlarged and put in an other light of day. The illumination of moments which are strongly anchored in often harrowing emotions.

At the age of fifteen Nathalie Abbing became a young entrepreneur in the media sector. Her passion was make-up and special effects make-up, creating specific characters and the making of transformations was her speciality. She worked for many big photography, television and movie productions. Still she decided, after fifteen successful years, to make a drastic move and broaden her horizon.

In her art, Abbing accepts the prey brought home by her four cats as gifts. For Pas de Deux she placed two birds, in a far stage of decomposition, in a fish tank filled with water. They appear to be dancing. The scene is morbid but the images have become very aesthetic. With this work, Abbing refers to hunting trophies in 17th century paintings.

Most recently she dismembers the prey and uses the bones of different species to create new, non existing creatures. This is a very precise task, fitting tiny bones to each other. By gilding them with 24 carat gold, the new creature is ready for admiration until eternity. With these works Abbing made a new step in her search for the transformation from decay to beauty.

In her art Nathalie opens up for a reflection on her own life. “The theme of my work is based on my own life and experiences. With the help of a variety of materials I give in to the inner urge to imagine my stories. The primary goal in my work is sharing experiences with the spectator so they can get a connection with my creations. My oeuvre consists of a broad range of disciplines and materials. Alongside working with dead animals and making golden sculptures, I create installations from mixed materials. Preferably costume made for a specific location, based on a conceptual idea. When appropriate I like to give performances and I also make 2-dimentional work; paintings in oils and acrylic paint and with textiles and photographical projects. Anything I can get my hands on for creating is more than a way of life for me.”


  • August 2012/December 2013, monthly changing and permanent group exhibitions, Art House I and 2, Uden.
  • June/August 2013; group exhibition, ‘OPEN VIII’, Arte Algarve, Lagoa. -February 2013; group exhibition, STUK, Art in the Church, Velp.
  • October/November 2012; exhibiting at the Museum of Religious Art, Uden. -September/October 2012; trio exhibition, abandoned shop, Nijmegen.
  • September 2012; Art- and studio event, Uden. -July 2012; duo exhibition, Art in the Church, Velp .
  • October 2011; group exhibition, STUK, C Foundation, Uden. -August 2011; exhibiting at Galery des Beaux Arts, Heeze.
  • July/August 2011; creating exhibitions in three abandoned shops in the town centre of Gennep. -June 2011; group exhibition, WAF, Gallery Fleskens, Uden.
  • November 2010; trio exhibition, The Safe, Boekel.
  • September 2010; group exhibition, WAF, Art space De Ruimte, Geldrop.
  • June 2010; duo exhibition, The Safe, Boekel.
  • October 2009; group exhibition, Art- and culture event for the ‘Accessibility Week’, Veghel.
  • September 2009; Art- and studio event, Uden.
  • April 2009; group exhibition, Art- and culture event ‘Lost Post’, Oss.
  • December 2008; group exhibition, Art- and culture event ‘one more time Ter Weer’, Heeswijk-Dinther.
  • June/July 2008; group exhibition, Graduation exhibition AKV St. Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
  • January 2008; group exhibition ‘Try Us Out’, Centre for Fine Art, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
  • June 2007; group exhibition ‘Turnover Rate’, Kruithuis Citadellaan, ‘s-Hertogenbosch


  • 2012; Creating two semi permanent locations for art in the centre of Uden; Art House 1 and Art House 2.
  • 2012; Joining the work group concerning the development of the town centre of Uden.
  • 2012; Creating an Art object in the public space with children in the age group of 11 and 12.
  • 2010; organizing ludic action in the light of the cutback on financial support for the arts by the government.
  • 2010; Presidency and forming ‘Foundation Artists of Uden’, (STUK).
  • 2010; Creating a mural with children in the age group of 13 and 14. -2009; Forming of the art collective ‘We Are Fools’, (WAF).
  • 2009; Joining the ‘Platform Artists of Uden’, (PUK).
  • 2008; Graduation at the academy of fine art & design St. Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
  • 1982/1998; Career make-up and special effects artist.