• Little brides These paintings are made with bridal tulle and acrylic paint. They have the duality in them that one can also find in (marriage) life itself. The bridal tulle represents the innocence and softness, the acrylic paint shows the colourfulness of life and the temptation, but also the harshness and the pain. Feel it with your fingers and discover it feels prickly like the thorns of a rose.

    The little brides measure 21 x 21cm. and Nathalie made these paintings in the colours yellow, pink, purple, green, turquoise, blue, baby-blue and black.

    Nathalie explains: “I found out that I have to accept and even cherish these both sides of life. They are necessary to make my life complete, to keep a balance and even to make my life interesting and worth living.

    A little poem I once wrote expresses my feelings best:

    Zelfs de traan van het bitterste verdriet parelt als een diamant wanneer het zonlicht ziet  – Even the tear of the bitterest sorrow pearls like a diamond when seen by sunlight


    Working on her art during exhibitions is something Nathalie does frequently. At the exhibition in the Art Church in Velp, where Nathalie showed her work together with the abstract paintings of Paul Bastiaan Mullaart, she is working on the Little Brides paintings.