• An out of date post office, no longer in use, is the décor for this, purpose made, installation. The building will soon be demolished. Before that is due, artists are invited to create their art in the rooms, hallways and staircases of the building.

    After five days of preparation, the post office will be open in the weekend to the public for the very last time, to see what the artists created and say goodbye to the iconic building in the town centre, they all frequently visited or even had worked before.

    Nathalie chose one of the basement rooms, formally used to sort out the mail before distributing, to create an installation. The fact of the demolition and the significance of this post office for the people of this town gave more than enough inspiration for Nathalie to create something especially for this occasion.

    Six layers of translucent fabric with applications of semi-translucent fabric and an old fashion lamp were hung from the ceiling. When it’s all carefully lit out, the shapes of surrounding buildings, like the windmill, houses and the post office itself, emerge. The translucency of the installation represents the temporality of so called modern times.